Squadron Badge

In 2018 the Squadron started work on a project to create an Official Squadron Badge, replacing all previous unofficial crests. This would be in accordance with the exacting requirements of the RAF Badge Inspector at RAF Northolt and the College of Arms.

The end result was a badge designed by the Squadron, then officially authored and painted onto parchment by the College of Arms (in June 2018). Finally it was authorised for use by Thomas Woodcock (Garter King of Arms), the Inspector of Royal Air Force Badges, as the official permanent badge for 2385 (Melksham) Squadron.

It is a true honour for the Squadron as, not only are we the only Squadron in Dorset and Wiltshire Wing to have an Official Squadron Badge, but also only one of a small handful from across the Corps.

Squadron Badge.jpg

The Official Badge for 2385 (Melksham) Squadron

Designed by Cadets and Staff of 2385 Squadron in 2018 the 100th Anniversary year of the Royal Air Force.

The Blazon (official description in heraldic language) is on a Roundel per fess Bleu Celeste and Vert a Cog Wheel infilled by a Lightning Flash. The blue part of the roundel represents the River Avon, which runs through the town of Melksham, it also is symbolic of the sky. The green element is for the Countryside surrounding the town. Together they are a representation of an aircraft’s "artificial horizon" instrument. 

The cog wheel is similar to the one on the Crest used by Melksham Town Council.  The lightning flash through the centre of the roundel, is an allusion to the Badge of RAF No 12 Technical Training School "RAF Melksham", which had a rotor pierced by a flash of lightning as its Badge. Of importance as 2385 (Melksham) Squadron sits on the former site of RAF No 12 Technical Training School 1940-1960.

The Latin Motto is “CONIUNCTI PERFICIMUS” which translates as “UNITED WE ACHIEVE”.

Please note that all use of the Squadron badge is restricted under licence from the Squadron. If you would like to use or have a digital copy of the Squadron badge for a legitimate purpose, please contact the Squadron Commanding Officer at: oc.2385@rafac.mod.gov.uk.